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Written at Monday, 21 November 2011 | back to top

Hye you guys!! xDD
It's me again! Sorry I didn't update yesterday since I'm in a middle of SPM examinations =__='
Today is Pendidikan Islam and Reka Cipta paper.. Well all RC students have to stay until 4.30 p.m since only
my classmates and me taking the Reka Cipta sucject.. >w<

First of all the Pendidikan Islam not so difficult but I just keep telling myself that it is difficult =A='
Maybe I didn't read the Sirah one I guess ><
As usual for the Tilawah Al-Quran I'm not good in Jawi =w= (I must to change my attitude on it ne?)
After the Pendidikan Islam we all (my friends and I of course!) go to Bengkel RC to meet Cikgu Faridah (my favourite teacher all the time!! I LOVE YOU CIKGU!! XD) she told us to read about the "pemasaran"
Well of course I read that topic but it didn't come out in exam paper.. ARGHH!!!! Q__Q
especially about "sistem" or whatever it is,, I did manage answer all question but not question 16 (Sorry, Cikgu even u told me to answer all question I didn't do it T__T)
And about this one teacher (it is cikgu pengawas who is watching us on SPM examinations) he is the funny one,,, xD
My friend just colouring the diagram by using the light colour (she likes pink and puprle =__=)
and than the teacher said "comel.. nanti saya nak tempah" and after the exam the teacher asked my friend again "mana saya punya?" my friend answered "boleh tapi kena tempah" the teachers said back "owh,boleh saya nak 3!" TRLOLOLOL XDDD
But I still remember he told me my drawing is pretty (really? ke cikgu perli je nie or nak amik ati?? =A=')
I know I'm bad in drawing but still I love somthing reading like SEJARAH!!
Well that's all for today! And welcome to all my new followers!! :DD
Thanks for reading yaw!! >w<
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She's Back!
Written at Saturday, 19 November 2011 | back to top

Hye!! It's me again =w=
Ahaha.. I didn't remember how many is my blog account but currently most of them I feel lazy to update it xD
I make this blog not for tell anything back about someone.. Sorry if you one of them xp

But let makes this things clear,I do love anime so I will share with u guys about my life ( a little bit xD) and the anime that I watching.. Well Thanks for following me ^_^v

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