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Should I be sad?
Written at Friday, 20 January 2012 | back to top

Hello! XDD we meet again ^^

(perasan la kau nie Amu mana ramai orang kat sini =__=) Gomen2 >__<''
Ahahah, why I'm using this tittle as my status? Let me tell u guys ;)

First of all, Yes I'm in broken heart lolz =__=
there's so many things happend lately. Plus the one I like (ehem I mean my crush =A=) already have new GF ne.
It's kindda hurt when I get this news.. But it's already over now. Isn't? ^__^'
Well I hope he will be happy with her :) I know who is that girl and I be friend with her actually o__o
Kindda EPIC right? XDD I know.. I know.. But I'm not that type of girl ^^' 
But I'll keep pray fot their happiness :') Hope you guys be together ne? (But it's old story but still it's hurt ^^')

For my EX.. I mean Ikuto.. I'm sorry I can't be with you.. You so kind to me.. :')
Even I'm still with you , But my heart is fall in love with other man.. Bad girl am I? But I do love you..
As ur friends.. Ur imotou.. Thank you so much! I hope we can meet again next time ^^ ne.. Good Luck!
I'll always pray for ya happiness.. No matter what happend I'll be by urside when u need me as ur Imotou :'D
Like before we become couple ^^

Anyway thanks for reading you guys :)
Sorry lately my 'IDEA' didn't come to updates this blog Q__Q
I'm so sorry >__< -bows-

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*Love you guys!